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9+ Amazing Blogging Facts That might Surprise You (2020)

9+ Amazing Blogging Facts: You want to start a blog or Blogging career then you need to know some basic facts about Blogging. In this article, you can see 10 basic fabulous Blogging facts, which are very amazing.

Howdy readersπŸ˜ƒ! Welcome to Top10 Koustav. I’ve created this article based on my experience because I love to make people happy. So take it easy, friendly and for entertainment. Now let’s come to the point.

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So, here are 9+ amazing Blogging Facts You Need To Know Before Starting A Blog.

1 / Start with the Blogger platform

9+ Amazing Blogging Facts That might Surprise You (2020)
Blogger platform

Most of people or bloggers, who are associated with blogging Career, started their blogging career through the Blogger platform. And obviously, it’s a free platform. 

Basically, Blogger is a blog-distributing tool or platform that permits multi-client to start their Blogging career without spending any money. It was produced by Pyra Labs, which was purchased by Google in 2003. The blogs are facilitated by Google and provide a sub-domain like (blogspot.com).

2 / Blogger to WordPress

9+ Amazing Blogging Facts That might Surprise You (2020)
Blogger to WordPress

Most of Blogger starts their blog on Blogger platform. When their blogs rank on Google’s first page and they have many subscribers and visitors, they migrate to their blog on WordPress (wordpress.org).

Contextually, wordpress.org is a free content writing website, where you can write a free blog or can make a free website, but it is hosted by WordPress.

But wordpress.org is a platform, where you can create a personal website or a premium website by spending some little money.

3 / start with a subdomain

Most of Blogger start their blog career with a subdomain, cause nobody would like to choose a custom domain name by spending money. In the beginning time, most Blogger creates their blog site with a subdomain like blogspot.com, wordpress.com, and obviously, it’s free.

4 / Subdomain to Custom domain (TLD)

9+ Amazing Blogging Facts That might Surprise You (2020)
Custom domain (TLD)

Most bloggers start their blogging career with a sub-domain, but in the next case when their Blogging career becomes grow-able or when they become well-acquainted with blogging and gain knowledge, they buy a custom domain and create a professional website. Custom domain means Top Level Domain (TLD), like .com, .net, .org, and much more.

5 / Comment on Blog Post

9+ Amazing Blogging Facts That might Surprise You (2020)
Comment on Blog

It is funny to say that most of the bloggers in their beginning time comment on other popular content or blog post for a backlink. Whether they have any interest or not, they only comment for backlinks.

6 / Passion to Profession

9+ Amazing Blogging Facts That might Surprise You (2020)
Passion to Profession

Most of successful Blogger starts their Blogging career with their passion or interest. But later this passion or interest becomes a profession.

7 / Identifying of Interested Topic

9+ Amazing Blogging Facts That might Surprise You (2020)
Interesting Topic

Which topics should I use for my blog post or which topics are suitable for my blog post is the common problem of most of new Blogger.

In the beginning time, most of the new bloggers could not choose an interesting topic for their blog posts. 

If you want to grow up your website or blog you need to choose an interesting topic.

8 / Earn from Google AdSense & Affiliate Marketing

9+ Amazing Blogging Facts That might Surprise You (2020)
Google AdSense & Affiliate

Most professional Blogger earns from Google AdSense by putting ads on their website or blogs. They also earn from affiliate marketing. 

Basically, affiliate marketing is a program that allows users to publish and sell a product of any company or production, who produced an affiliate program and by selling a product of this company or production, the users get paid some commission from that company or production. 

9 / Blogging takes time to Grow

9+ Amazing Blogging Facts That might Surprise You (2020)
Takes time

Before beginning a blogging career, ask yourself why you choose a Blogging career. In that case, if your destination is only making money, sincerely blogging would not be the best decision for you. There are many different ways of making money online and blogging is one of the best.

It requires a considerable measure of diligent work and sets aside a long opportunity to develop your crowd. It is baffling if you share your first post and no one understands it, however, you have to experience these unbalanced minutes. Try not to expect the outcomes instantly.
Successful bloggers have worked hard to achieve their success.

10 /  Be Honest

Honesty is the best way to build your authority and personality. By your honesty, you can properly communicate with your audience.


So these are the 9+ amazing Blogging Facts. After reading this information, I am sure that you can see 10 interesting facts about Blogging.

You can start simple with your blog and then start building it out as you are comfortable to do so. There are plenty of platforms that you can gain access to that will make blogging easy, but WordPress is by far one of the best.

After reading this information, if you get any help then share this article with your close and dear ones, friends, family, and also your kin – it motivates me. Thank you for reading our article. Have a nice moment.

Thank You πŸ™‚


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